[Athens] Opening of Polytechnio

The celebration of Polytechnio (17th of November) is a commemoration of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising that took place in Athens in 1973 against the military dictatorship. Students went on strike and squatted the university for three days, from the 14th to 17th, until the military and cops violently entered the university, killing and injuring several demonstrators.
This year, on the pretext of protection against the pandemic, the Nea Dimokratia government along with the cops and university authorities forbid the commemoration and accompanying demonstration, which are held every year on that day. 

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Back on the park bench

Now the time has come – the main hearing in the so-called “Park Bench Trial” is over and the verdict of the Grand Criminal Chamber 15 at the Hamburg Regional Court has been pronounced after more than 50 days of trial hearings. Presumably this is not the last word; it may still take some time until the verdict becomes final.

But we –the now sentenced anarchists– want to have our say, which is something we have not done together (publicly) until now.

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Call for international solidarity to the court case on the 18th of September in Athens

On September 18th the trial against two comrades from Berlin and two comrades from Athens will take place in Evelpidon Court in Athens. On November 26, 2017, the four persons were arrested during the forced eviction of GARE Squat, in the Athens district of Exarchia. Among other charges, they are accused of trespassing, attempted serious bodily harm, refusal of forensic identification and possession of explosive materials and explosive bombs. This eviction was the first of three in which the four comrades were detained for 4 days. They were released on conditions or bail and now, almost three years later, have to take responsiblity in front of the court.

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Political statement of the squat Terra Incognita – International call for solidarity

We call every struggling revolutionary force to unite with us through their acts and words, by turning this year’s October into a month dedicated to solidarity and standing up for Terra Incognita, but also for every other occcupied ground threatened by reppresion

Political statement of the squat Terra Incognita-International call for solidarity

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Against the EU-China Summit in Leipzig

The Summit get postponed! News will get spread until the new Date is fixed!

the 13th to the 15th  of September, the heads of state of all European countries will meet with the Chinese government in Leipzig. This will not only be with regard to intensifying trade relations, but rather will be about building a new global partnership, ensuring the EU is not ousted from the table of the great powers of the future. The deterioration of the EU’s relationship with the USA under Donald Trump has made it necessary to find another partner to coordinate the shaping of its own global interests with. The topics of the summit are therefore varied and include not only economic relations, but also foreign and security policy and – unsurprisingly – digitalization and digital cooperation, as well as climate protection and human rights. The summit is based on strategic position papers which already began in the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation from 2013 and have since become increasingly concrete at annual meetings. This year the summit will include all heads of state and government from China and the EU rather than just representatives, as was the case in previous examples.

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Hugs and Kisses for Liebig34

Liebig34 is one of the threatened projects in the city of Berlin. After the expiring of the rental contract in 2018 and the refusal of Gijora Padovicz (1) – one of the largest individual landlords in the city- to renew it, the people of Liebig34 decided to stay in the house without a contract. Since then a multifaceted struggle has developed, aiming to postpone and prevent the eviction of the house, and has become symbolic in the radical movement’s struggle against gentrification,  an issue rapidly increasing in the city in the past decades.

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