Against the EU-China Summit in Leipzig

The Summit get postponed! News will get spread until the new Date is fixed!

the 13th to the 15th  of September, the heads of state of all European countries will meet with the Chinese government in Leipzig. This will not only be with regard to intensifying trade relations, but rather will be about building a new global partnership, ensuring the EU is not ousted from the table of the great powers of the future. The deterioration of the EU’s relationship with the USA under Donald Trump has made it necessary to find another partner to coordinate the shaping of its own global interests with. The topics of the summit are therefore varied and include not only economic relations, but also foreign and security policy and – unsurprisingly – digitalization and digital cooperation, as well as climate protection and human rights. The summit is based on strategic position papers which already began in the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation from 2013 and have since become increasingly concrete at annual meetings. This year the summit will include all heads of state and government from China and the EU rather than just representatives, as was the case in previous examples.

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