Update on our Observation with GPS Tracking Device

We write this info-text, not because we are surprised by this state’s tactic, nor because we have any illusions about what democracy, state and repression are.So a few days ago, we discovered a GPS tracking device under one of our cars. The “black box” was found attached with a magnet and activated, at the bottom of the car. We removed it and turned it off by removing the battery.
Of course, we don’t expect anyone to come out and take any responsibility, that’s not the point. Anyway, as the cops, media and the state have propagated about previous similar cases “these things do not happen in democracy”.

Moreover, we note, that despite the state’s urging that all the people have to stay in their homes because of corona virus, the cops do not fall under.Recently, the repressive moves by the state and sovereignty have intensified both qualitatively and quantitatively against those who are struggling, but not only, to overthrow the existing gloomy reality.
This repressive quagmire gets enriched and it extends the limits of its immediate targets. Squats’ evictions, civil-cops and guns threatening comrades, arrests and custodies during interventions and postering, surveillance “bugs” and GPS tracking devices in the political/strugglers’ spaces and raids in comrades’ houses, random or/and ongoing controls and ID checks. The edge of the fiasco which is going to set up with the 187A law and the organization called “companions – comrades” which they invented. Moreover, we do not forget the total war against the exiled people.
We, with our eyes, we perceive our targeting not as a special and exceptional case, but as part and continuation of the overall upgrading repression against the broader anarchist communities of the struggle. All forms of repression and their intensity, as well as this particular movement, do nothing but enhance our knowledge of the forms of resistance, strengthen our relationships of solidarity and companionship, and our desire to continue the struggle.
Companions-comrades from Archanes and Irakleio,March 2020